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Originally Posted by randomname View Post
out of curiosity, do you rule sticklers always obey the speed limit no matter what? I'm guessing no, and it seems a little crazy that people are more anal about following the rules of a GAME than they are about following laws
Well said! I think the basic issue here is that there are rules to every sport that need to be followed to define and allow competition for a fair game. That said, most sports have umpires, referees, and officials to call the game for them - unlike tennis which relys on the players to make the calls (at least at the amateur level). You do run into some more unusual situations in tennis than other sports - at least in my opinion.

A couple of examples of this that are on the unusual side:

- I can call a foot fault on my opponent
- I can penalize the opponent for catching the ball
- I can give my opponent a LET pretty much anytime I want to

These require ME to call the infraction or offer the play over

- I CAN'T call a double bounce on my opponent (even if it is clear)
- I CAN'T call them for crossing over the net (even if it is clear)
- I'm pretty sure (please correct me if I'm wrong) that I can't even call them for HITTING the net

These require them to acknowledge the infraction occurred.

Line calls are called by the person receiving the shot - but can be deferred to the opponent, however the opponent may call his OWN shot OUT - except on first serves.

While all these rules are important to fair play and probably should be enforced strictly in tourneys, especially at the highest levels of play - there are a lot of new players trying to get their heads around the game and a good sportsman offers at least a little latitude (perhaps a warning on the first offense or misunderstanding).

My opinion anyway.
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