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Originally Posted by ZenMac View Post
Maybe I'm missing something, but if my partner gets a short attackable ball, I'm taking the net aggressively and looking for a weak reply that I can punish. There's not really any more negotiation or strategery involved. That's what short attackable balls are for.
Right on here. But realistically, if your partner has a short attackable ball, I would imagine that you will be slightly behind them as far as positioning goes. Your are coming in, but there is the split step as you position for a possible volley by the net person. You are slightly caught in no mans land for a short period of shot recognition time. If they are both back, get on up there. That is the shot you have been waiting for. Hopefully your partner has made the most of the opportunity!

As for the lob, make them hit a good one. You have charge of the net now. They are tasked with hitting an great defensive lob, in which case you start over. Ughhh. I hate when that happens
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