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I was too lazy to read past page 1, but. . .

I want to know where you guys play where if you don't catch the ball, it flies over the fence. I have never played anywhere against anybody where the back fence was no higher than my shoulders (which is where the fence would have to be to be able to catch a ball over your head that "was going to go over the fence," as several people here have put it.).
Besides that, I can't really think of any rules that I would even think of bending, be it foot faults or touching the net, etc.

The rules are there for a reason. There are not unreasonable, and if you bend them when you play with me, you can bet I will call you on them. Call me a hard***** for that, but the only way to avoid ambiguity and confusion is to follow the rules.

And as a final thought: There is absolutely no no no no no reason for you to catch the ball, even if it is flying out. Oh, no! If you don't catch the ball, you'll have to walk an extra six or seven feet to get it! That is just too much to ask. . . (note the sarcasm)
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