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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
She's ahead of me (closer to net) only if I didn't move with her. Which is part of the question.

If she moves forward from the baseline to approach (or hit a ball on which she should approach but might not approach), am I supposed to "stay with her" or get ahead of her? That was the dilemma. Don't even get me started on what I do if she hits and backpedals . . .

Spot's answer makes sense. Which is why the drill is confusing. If the opponents are two back (after all, we were receiving the feed with all four players at baseline), then . . . I guess maybe it's just a crummy drill.

Maybe we need a thread for that: Crummy Drills Pros Should Stop Making Us Do.

A couple of things;

1- You would only be both back if it is in the middle of a point and you just got lobbed, or you are returning a killer serve and you guys made the conscious decision to play 2 back.

2- If it is the latter situation, your opponents will both be at the net, which is not the situation of the drill, so forget that. That leaves us with the "returning a lob" situation.

3- You should be also play from no-man's land with your partner when the ball is struck and you should approach together

4- This is regardless of your comfort level at the net, because...

5- One up/one back is a much weaker formation than 2 up.

6- If your partner makes the error of hitting a short ball then retreating to the baseline, you probably should retreat with her (your team has bigger problems than what to do with this situation).
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