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Originally Posted by AlpineCadet View Post

then it's generally accepted that it is 100% OKAY to intercept the ball.
It is accepted at the Saturday morning social, sometimes.

If you want to strictly talk about the USTA rules,
Nope, I think we are talking about the Rules of Tennis, to which USTA adheres.

But that specific rule was invented to prevent players from obstructing the ball from bouncing--cheating your opponents out of a decent/fair call.
Please provide us a source of why the rule was "invented".

But if everyone knows that the LONG-SAILING NO-CHANCE-IN-H*LL ball is going to land outside the lines, then it is logically/rationally accepted that it is fine to stop a sailing "out" ball.
Everyone I know is under the correct impression that the ball is in play until it lands out, then it is called out.

If you want to argue against this, then there is obviously a hitch in your logic. I am talking about out-balls. If you played enough, then you'd surely agree with me. Other than that, and politics aside, I don't see how you can argue against this point and get away with it.
I believe I have played more tennis than you and I am sure that I have officiated many more matches than you and I can emphatically say that your argument is immature, disrespectful foolishness.

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