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Originally Posted by tennis-n-sc View Post
It is accepted at the Saturday morning social, sometimes.

Nope, I think we are talking about the Rules of Tennis, to which USTA adheres.

Please provide us a source of why the rule was "invented".

Everyone I know is under the correct impression that the ball is in play until it lands out, then it is called out.

I believe I have played more tennis than you and I am sure that I have officiated many more matches than you and I can emphatically say that your argument is immature, disrespectful foolishness.
I would obviously call those balls "out" before I would stop them, but when you are well beyond the baseline, some of those balls are just BLATANTLY OUT. It's just common sense to not take that point away from your opponent if they stop the ball. For this specific situation, I will honestly say that if you claim that point, you are using that rule the wrong way, and need some common sense.
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