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Thanks for the info! I had been icing it fairly regularly (especially after physical therapy exercises), but stopped as it just didn't seem like it was doing much at all. The physical therapists were massaging frequently during the sessions. However, they seemed to be more interested in poking their boney little fingers into the most painful areas and going "This hurts doesn't it?".

I really have enjoyed the lighter/stiffer racquets since they have improved my volleying and control. However, I think you may be correct that they're not treating my body terribly well. Along with the shoulder problems, I also have a recurring tennis elbow-ish type of pain when gripping or twisting and a lower hand/wrist pain. Even though I was using dampeners, I think the impact vibrations were rattling through my hand, up my arm, and into my shoulder.

I plan on calling the surgeon's office today, asking a few questions about the procedure, and then making an appointment for the operation. The arthroscopy seems to be the least invasive option. Since my team and I made it to the state finals (we play in late May), I might be back on my feet by then as well.

Phooey on getting old!
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