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Spittle, sorry to hear about your shoulder. The first thing that should go is your stiff, light racquet and polyester strings. As a 5.0 player I am surprized that you would play with such a light racquet. Try a 11.5-12.5 racquet with a soft multi filament or even better use gut. Is the doc you saw a sports medicine specialist who's expertise is shoulders or is he a generalist? Definitely get a second opinion from a sports shoulder specialist before considering an operation-common sense 101. Its good that you had an arthegram MRI but have someone else look at it-viewing films are very subjective, what one doc sees someone else may see something entirely different. This injury should not be such a mystery if you see a shoulder specialist. Do not even consider an operation until you know exactly what the problem is backed by a second opinion. Also, did your shoulder get better after rehab regarding pain and strength, only to be reaggravated once you started playing? This would indicate a racquet and string problem. Did your pain start gradually after you made an equipment change-strings or racquet? How did the pain come on, suddenly or over time? If after rehab you did not have any improvement in strength or pain, you may have definitely torn something and need an operation. Has anyone said it might be a rotator cuff problem. I am surprized your doc gave you a cortizone shot so quickly without an Mri-sounds odd.

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