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Rickson, unfortunately my symptoms seem to be much like those of bronco_mba. I can't reach across my chest to scratch the back of my other shoulder without considerable pain. Overhead motions and various twistings of the arm give me a sharp twinge in the upper front/side of the shoulder. The lowest the pain has gone is maybe halfway down my bicep/tricep on the outside of my arm. Currently, even stirring a pot of soup will give me a good bit of pain.

My problem now is trying to find a surgeon that will take the time to discuss my options. I finally decided to follow my gut feeling and give this last surgeon a pass (personality conflict, not having things explained, if I see these folks for more than 5minutes - after waiting for 75mins - I'm lucky).

Does anyone know of a good orthopedic surgeon in the Atlanta area (or even southeast)?

Again, thanks for all the feedback and info.
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