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Originally Posted by Spittle View Post
Rickson, unfortunately my symptoms seem to be much like those of bronco_mba. I can't reach across my chest to scratch the back of my other shoulder without considerable pain. Overhead motions and various twistings of the arm give me a sharp twinge in the upper front/side of the shoulder. The lowest the pain has gone is maybe halfway down my bicep/tricep on the outside of my arm. Currently, even stirring a pot of soup will give me a good bit of pain.

My problem now is trying to find a surgeon that will take the time to discuss my options. I finally decided to follow my gut feeling and give this last surgeon a pass (personality conflict, not having things explained, if I see these folks for more than 5minutes - after waiting for 75mins - I'm lucky).

Does anyone know of a good orthopedic surgeon in the Atlanta area (or even southeast)?

Again, thanks for all the feedback and info.
Spittle, its good that you are taking your time. Find out who the top sports medicine specialists are who concentrate mainly on shoulders and schedule an appt. Before you consider an operation, know exactly what the problem is-a good specialist should be able to take the guess work out of the diagnoses and give you the best options and prognoses. Also, besides your racquet and strings, how is your technique on the serve? Have someone check that out to see if that also may have caused your problem-maybe toss not out front, hitting behind you, ect. Good luck!
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