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I went with David J. Chao @ OASIS MSO in San Diego. My primary care doctor works with him on the San Diego Charger's medical staff and referred me.

If it were me (and it recently was), I'd go with the surgeon professional athletes go to. I ran a quick Google search for the orthopedic surgeon of the Atlanta Falcons and came up with Plas T. James, M.D. in Atlanta. From the look of his website, it appears his practice focuses primarily on the spine, but I bet with a quick call to his office they could refer you to the best shoulder surgeon in the Atlanta area. Ultimately, you may be constrained based on your insurance company, but if you get to choose your provider, why not go with the best?

A note on doctor personalities: the best surgeons don't always make the most time for their patients or have the nicest demeanor. Ultimately, I'll take the one that does the best work, gets the best results, and has the fewest complications!

Just my 2 cents...
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