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Originally Posted by bronco_mba View Post
I had a similar pain my shoulder as described in your original post. I did the cortisone injection with no relief and PT, also with no relief. I had x-rays and MRIs, which revealed an impingement. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon for a procedure called sub-acromial decompression/distal clavicle excision, which is an arthroscopic procedure. Having received no relief from conservative treatments, I elected to have the surgery.

The surgeons shaved the underside of the acromion, cleaned out some fraying of the posterior labrum, and cleaned out the inflamed bursa.

I am now three days post-op. My shoulder a littlel sore, but I'm actually moving it around pretty good. The doctors expect I can get back on court for light rallying in two weeks, and back to serving in about a month. Best of all, the pain I had is expected to be gone...permanently.

I'd recommend considering the SAD/DCE surgery if ALL conservative methods fail. Assuming you can go without tennis for a few weeks, it may be a viable, long-term solution to get rid of your shoulder pain.
bronco, glad to hear you're doing well after surgery and the better news is that you're not too far off from hitting the courts again. my impingement has been a long slow process but i have noticed improvement in the last month. at the advice of my physio i have stepped up the resistance on the bands i've been using for strengthening. after our next visit later this month she will recommend to my gp that i have an mri done. and thanks to canada's universal health care it will be 5-8 months before that happens so i'll continue what i've already been doing till then and see how it goes.

can i make a request that you keep a log here on the forums as to the progress of your recovery. i'm certainly and interested party.
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