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Take it slow with this decision. After playing and serving too much without any strength training, I just quit playing tennis for six years. After moving to Colorado, I ended up in the Ortho for the Denver Nuggets (1983) who told me I needed immediate surgery. I chose to continue my break from tennis instead.

I couldn't brush my teeth with my R hand ... couldn't shake hands R-handed ... couldn't turn a door knob ... etc.

After about three years of rest (and being bored) I started lifting lightly and properly ... and continuing my training and competing in karate which I'd started (partly) because I couldn't play tennis.

Back about 1988 I asked my Chiropractor about my shoulder problems. He examined me and determined my scapula needed adjustment (??!!!). One adjustment and I noticed a reduction in discomfort. Another, about two months later, and I found I could do everything R-handed again. (I've had one more adjustment, maybe two years after the 2nd. I haven't needed another since about 1990.

I've been playing tennis competitively for seven years now. I just wish I'd looked into what DCs can do earlier. I might have done some damage in the Open and 35s Divisions before the years caught up to me.... ::Sigh::

Now ... I'd always check to see if a DC could fix me non-surgically before I chose the knife.

- KK
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