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I'll be sure to update my progress on post-SAD/DCE for interested parties. I don't want to bore anyone or fill up the boards with unnecessary (or unintelligible) posts!

I would agree that ALL conservative treatments should be considered/explored before electing surgery. We've added a new one (chiropractic) to the list to go along with ART, traditional physical therapy, corisone injection, stretching, exercise regime, rest, etc.

I'm not advocating surgery. However, given my experience thus far, I don't think the surgical option (arthroscopic) is as bad as one might think. The duration of the improvement (life long) and the results (no pain) certainly speak for themselves.

Good luck to the OP. I hope you're able to find a surgeon you are comfortable with, if that is the direction you decide. Please check back with the boards and let us know how things are going.
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