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Originally Posted by Applesauceman View Post
Also, if you are a 3.0 player, the USTA computer rating is only comparing you to other 3.0 players in your league, not to other 3.0 players in your state, or other 3.0 players in your section, unless you make it to the state level or beyond.
This is not 100% true as I understand it and is the reason behind the whole benchmark player issue. At the end of the year, when benchmarks are assigned, your matches against those benchmarks (or even against other players who played those benchmarks) are factored into your rating.

So, in your example if you lost the local league but played your league winner - you played against a 'benchmark'. How this person did against others at districts, and in turn how they did or the people they played did at sectional and nationals all factor into the formula.
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