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Originally Posted by Tennis-Chris View Post
When you say "several weeks" how many is that? You might want to consult a different doctor as well. The Doc I saw specializes in wrist injuries and I was off for two months. No tennis, no weights, not even ping pong.

At the end of two months I was then put on a regimen of very light weights (5-7 pound range) and gradually worked up from there. Lots of stretching with bands and hand grips. Total time away from the game was almost three full months but when I play today I am playing without pain and I have my full repertoire of shots at full strength. I have also regained confidence that my wrist is strong.
i have wrist tendonitis as well, pretty painful .. but here's my question, why did you decide on 2 months? Did it actually take that long for the pain to go away before you started rehab excercises? I ask because I was having pretty bad wrist pain last year but due to addiction and stupidity I played through it .. but now i've decided to rest it up and fix this problem. I've been off for almost 3 weeks, but the thing is my pain completely went away after about 2 weeks, even stretching my wrist around which previously was painful. Is it safe to begin light excercise?
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