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Originally Posted by baseliner87 View Post
was the RPT course good? i'm thinking off doing one myself.
Without wishing to blow my own trumpet (I'm an RPT tutor!!!) - it was awesome!

In all seriousness, having attended various courses as a delegate and now delivering courses as a tutor I can strongly reccommend the RPT as a coach educator. There is a high degree of technical teaching, but it is based on cutting edge video research rather than an outdated idea of technique (not having a pop at any other organisation!!!) along with error detection, squad teaching, Street Tennis, drill building, tactical teaching for singles and doubles, Spanish Academy drills and much more. It is all based around the spanish academy system - as you may know we trained the coaches at Sanchez-Casal, Equelite, Elite and many more.

Are you based in the UK? If so I can help you get a course sorted out.


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