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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
Hi Ash

I'm not following you around! Conincidentally I have been talking to someone in the past week about spending a month at that clubin March / April.
He mentioned that there are two academies at the club and he suggested that I go over, check it out and decide which academy to join.
I would be grateful if you could tell me anymore about the academies / club . set-up.

As far as I am aware: The club Andres Gimeno itself runs a coaching programme (which in Spain is generally called an Academy!!! It's all the rage out there!!!) with it's own coaching team and 'Elitennis' run by Enrique Guldberg rents 4 courts to run it's own Academy from the club. Elite is the full time academy and currently has about 9 full time players, about 4 from the UK, and others from Spain, Holland, Ukraine and somewhere else (I forget where!).

Elite also do holiday, weekly, monthly, termly academy packages. However, whilst I was there, Elite academy caters for junior players only.

Club de Gimeno however, have coaching clinics and classes for all ages and the standard I saw from the club players was pretty high - some good clay court tennis!!! You'd best contact the club for full details.

There is a nice hotel opposite the club called Hotel Barcelona Classic and it's only a 10 minute walk to the beach at Casteldefelles, which is stunning!!!

I wont take out a restraining order just yet!!!
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