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Default PRP for TE

I had my Platelet Rich Plasma treament on Wednesday and it was pretty
much as I expected.

The Doc drew a fairly small amount of blood from my left arm and gave it to
the assistant to process, which took about 15 minutes. What was left was
maybe 1 cc of concentrated platelet. After numbing my wrist and elbow with
some lydocaine the procedure began. Using 2" long (but small dia.) needle
the Doc started with my elbow. I only looked once or twice so its kinda hard
to tell how many times he stuck me but it was a lot. I guess 25 or 30 . But
with some of that he just partially withdrew the needle and moved it around,
tracking down the tendon. I could feel my wrist swelling from the elbow
injections! But appearantly that was normal. This took about 3 minutes but
seemed much longer. I didn't really feel pain just uncomfortable as that long
needle plunged deep into the elbow.

Nest came the wrist and this was no fun. For this the Doc used a floroscope
to guide the injection. I could see the moniter and saw the needle move in
and out between all those wrist bones, pretty graphic. The wrist was done
in another 2 or 3 minutes and it was all over.

The Doc told me I would be cussing him on the way home and he was right.
It hurt. A lot. My arm was swollen, throbbing and felt like it weighed 50 pounds. I couldn't lift it.

Needless to say I found my way to the first drug store and got my presc. for
hydrocodone filled. In another 45 minutes or so I was ok.

When the first pill wore off the pain wasn't nearly as bad, so I waited until
bedtime to take another. Today, Thursday the pain is pretty much gone but
my arm is very stiff. I haven't needed anymore pills.

As far as effectiveness on TE, we will just have to wait and see. The Doc
says it will be in the 3rd week or so to get any idea how much progress has
been made, but he expects good results. He's pretty sure one treatment
will fix the elbow but the wrist is just wait and see. He also told me to
lay off the racquet for one month if I wanted max benifet from the procedure.

Sometime around week 3 I will begin light stretching and very light dumbells.
This seems to be a little on he conservative side according to what I have
read but I would rather err that way then rush it. The Doc had already done
4 PRP's before I got there Wed at 11am.

I'll update as needed, and hopefully this will turn out to be an effective CURE
for TE. And in case someone hasn't read my other posts , Yes I have tried almost every treatment you ever saw listed on the forum. They didn't work.
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