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The insurance lady at the doctors office told me that most insurance has
paid for this procedure. My insurance pre-approved it but I have no idea
how much they will end up paying. I also have supplemental ins which should
pay some too. The cost for one treatment is around $ 1000. There are some
clinics around the country that specialize in this where you can get an
elbow done for $ 500- $600, but none were close enough to me. Its probably
gonna end up costing me some but I'd rather make a few payments then
miss tennis all summer, if it works.

Zac, this Doc is in Huntersville if you're ever interested, I didn't know what
part of the state you were from.

The one cc was just an estimate, I have little medical knowledge and I am
not familiar with syringes. But the amount given at any one point IS very ,
very small. He barely moved the plunger.

Today, 2 days post procedure I have no pain just stiffness left and that seems to be working out pretty fast.
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