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I've had wrist and TE a little over 3 months. It started with the wrist, the TE
came on one day when I wore a wrist brace to play for the first and only time, it only took 2 sets to get TE. I went from a perfectly fine elbow to full
blown TE in 2 sets!

Prior to PRP I tried rest, ice, heat, anti-inflams, rehab, active release therapy,
graston therapy and laser .

Today , 4 days after the procedure I am still a little tight in the forearm but
less than yesterday. I HAVE NO PAIN IN MY ELBOW! What would happen if I
picked up a racquet I don't know, but I'm not gonna do that.
My wrist feels strong but I do get an occasional phantom pain that comes out
of nowhere , last for maybe half a second and then is gone. This usually happens when I'm not even moving it. No big deal. And also the doc is not sure that I don't have a cyst in my wrist that will still have to be dealt with.

From what I've read this initial pain relief is mostly from fresh blood being
attracted to the injury sites. It will still be 2 more weeks or so when I start
working these areas to really see how they hold up now, but for now all looks

Oh, I am 52 and prior to this injury I was playing at least 3 or 4 day a week,
including a couple long sessions on my ball machine plus a couple hundred
serves. I had kept this up for about a year and a half with no problem at all.
I had played with a K95 and then a Aero Pro Drive, but my problem with the
wrist started almost immediatly when I got a Pure Drive 107, ( very stiff)

Ironically, I was playing much better with the 107. When I come back I'm
looking at either a Volkl C10 Pro or Microgel Radical OS.
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