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Originally Posted by Robbnc View Post
I was using a poly/gut hybrid. I only tried full poly one time for about 20
minutes and then cut it out of the frame, way too harsh for me.

Most of the current thought on TE is that it is not an inflammation at all but
a degenerative process. Not only do ice and anti-inflams not help, they may
actually interfere with the healing process. The worst of course being
cortisone. I think many cases of TE can be overcome with time away from
tennis and rehab, I had a case in my 20's and it basically forced me out of
tennis for years. Only after I was married and bored did I remember I once
played the game and started back playing. By this time my elbow was fine.

On the other hand 2 guys I know have been fighting tennis elbow for 3 or
4 YEARS! They wear elbow braces, constantly take anti-inflams and ice after
playing. But they haven't got any better

Of all the things I tried before PRP I think Active Release and Graston Therapy
are beneficial. They may even cure some milder cases. Even if the PRP cures
my TE I will probably still go back every few months for ART and GT, it does
relax your arm.

PRP is the only biologic treatment available so to me it was worth a try, I just
can't bear the thought of sitting out for many months. Anyways, update for
today 6 days post procedure: minor stiffness remains in forearm (less than
yesterday) minor discomfort ( not pain) in wrist when flexing, elbow will
lockout now with a little assistance and shows no pain when doing so.

I was told 2 weeks to get back to baseline pain, I have to believe I'm way
ahead of that.

Don't confuse injury with pain. They can be two very different things...
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