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Originally Posted by rmiller774
I am a total novice with the Prince Neos stringing machine. I believe I understand everything about it except the precise mounting of the frame on the machine. I follow the instructions which came with it but even so, the racquet seems "loose" and can be wiggled slightly after I complete the prescribed mounting instructions. I just can't get the frame "tight" to the machine as I could with my old Prince 200 with the crank extender. Can someone walk me through the mounting process perhaps in more detail than was supplied with the machine. I am missing something. Thank you. R. Miller
when i mount on mine i use the small mount at the tip. i pull it into the interior mounts and clamp it down there. next i adjust the length for the throat to fit. i use the interiot mount there (that little black peice your supposed to put on) and lock out the the adijustor. then clamp it down. if you lost the black thing just pull the adjuster farther so it goes agasint the bar of the mount. when you wiggle the frame to make sure you did it right hole the turntable still, it make a noise when you wiggle the frame, that might be what your hearing
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