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Posting an update on my recovery now two plus weeks removed from arthroscopic SAD/DCR surgery for those interested.

I regained full range of motion in the shoulder about one week after surgery. I had minimal pain on most planes of motion; the only one that really generated discomfort was reaching across the chest to touch the left shoulder with the right hand. I'm told this moves the head of the humerus in close proximity with the part of the acromion shaved during surgery. This gets less painful with each passing day, presumably as the bone heals.

Physical therapy has progressed well to date. I have been going three times per week thus far. The first two sessions were relatively easy, simple passive stretching and range of motion exercises. I have now progressed to a light weight training routine (about 3 lb dumbbell) moving the shoulder in every way imaginable. The PT also manually resists in planes of motion not amenable to weights or pulleys. PT has suggested I start practicing slow-motion serving.

I've been swinging the racquet lightly over the past few days. I have a little discomfort at the end of the backswing on forehands and a little on the follow through; 2HBH is not generating any discomfort. I'd say I'm 4 or 5 days from being back out on the court for volleying and very light rallying. I'm probably a few weeks away from resuming light serving. The PT would probably say I'm rushing, but I find he's overly conservative in his estimates of recovery time. He didn't expect me to regain full range of motion so quickly.

I report steady progress towards recovery thus far.
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