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Originally Posted by cadfael_tex View Post
probably true. It's funny but when he first hit the scene he reminded me of the film I'd seen of Jack Kramer. Sampras was the first player I remember to have a powerful and pretty all court game. The S & V crowd that I grew up with didn't have the prettiest ground strokes (McEnroe and Edberg pop to mind).
I myself don't find Sampras' game to be too aesthetically pleasing. Then again I prefer baseliners to servers and volleyers, so I'm hardly an expert.

I find that Pete relied on power to get him out of jams in ways that he wouldn't be able to do in past eras. Such as the way he ran around his backhand in later years. But in his peak years he was almost a perfect player, very much unlike the Sampras that Wilander faced in 1989.
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