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Thanks for the input!

I was looking at the opens as well, I think we might give one or two a try this summer. She is competitive, but realistic in that she won't be too upset if we lose -we play matches fairly often and she doesn't win, but she enjoys it and is usually the one to suggest starting a set while we are hitting. Topaz, with respect to giving it a shot even if you get your arse kicked: same here. I figure at the very least the experience will give her some confidence in terms of getting used to playing in tournaments and in more high-pressure situations, as well as some challenging tennis!

As for preparation, in terms of returning she will be very, very well prepared I hold nothing back when playing against her, and she can actually get some first serves back in play, and does well enough with my second serve. I'll definitely have to start doing some work with her volleys; while she can certainly get most balls back, she has a tougher time not giving up a sitter if the ball is further away, and with putting balls away. Thanks for the tips!

Oh, another thing! Can any of you who started tennis or competitive tennis within memory offer any suggestions in terms of issues you may have had when you first started out playing doubles? I'm not the best teacher, and occasionally leave out obvious details... For instance, she has been playing from ~ 1 foot behind the baseline this whole time, despite the fact that I hit relatively hard and deep balls! This was helpful, but other things might not be...
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