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(Question at bottom)

Background: My fiancee essentially first picked up a tennis racquet in the summer of 2006. She's fairly athletic, and has improved quite a bit. I would say she would have no trouble at the 3.5 level (she has been approached by teams when we hit), and could potentially play at the 4.0 level if she improved her serve and perhaps volleys (we focused on groundstrokes for a long time).

Sooo, now she has expressed interest in some more competitive play! I'm quite excited, and think it would be great for her to get some match experience. She's probably going to consider a 3.5 league (one that approached her) this summer, although we are also interested in some mixed doubles!

So here's the tough part... If I am a college level player (around the 5.0 level at the moment, perhaps higher by summer-time, as I am undergoing heavy conditioning for the first time in a looong time), and she is somewhere between a 3.0 or 4.0, what sort of tournaments should we look to play in? I'm not really sure how things work in mixed, apart from adding up each rating, but how would the big differential here come into play?

Thanks for any help!
It sounds like neither of you don't have a computer rating either. For tournaments you can essentially play the first year at any level until the end of year end ratings come out . If you go into leagues though it will be a different story and you can get a DQ.

As far as a I know if you play tournament exclusive there are no DQs. I know a 21 year old guy who played one year of college tennis. His first year of tourneys he started out in Opens. He got demolished. He went all the way down to 3.5 and won easily, then moved to 4.5 tourneys and lost again. Finally he ended up at 4.0 where he is now settled. He played every tourney level offered in the area except 3.0 during his first year.

Your locale will probably govern what level you play. In my area for mixed tourneys 8.0 is the highest and then it goes to Open. I haven't seen a lot of 9.0 mixed around here, but your area may be different. You may want to start at 8.0 and see how that goes. Your fiancee may only be 3.0 for doubles if she doesn't have much experience.
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