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Rory G
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I just received my Gamma-6FX machine and it took about 1 1/2 hours for the first string job. I learned by watching sptennis video, USRSA stringing guide that came with the machine, and the pretty light little manual that came with the machine. Also checked out this board quite a bit before starting to learn some helpful tips. The toughest parts for me were tensioning the first couple of mains and the location of the knots and knotting/sharing and skipping holes (and the cross starting knot). Also, something simple like correctly uncoiling and measuring/cutting the strings was a brief challenge. All and all it went well and I have since strung a second frame in about 50 minutes...very satisfying. The repetition helped and the process becomes much easier. I also plan to watch a buddy of mine string on his machine to learn other pointers.
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