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Christian, there are other uses for a starting clamp besides as a backup clamp for the clamps that come with the machine. It's a handy tool to have around, sort of like a third hand, if you will. Here's an example. On a drop weight, to start the job you thread 3 strings; 1LM, 1RM, 2RM. You clamp off on 1RM and 2RM with a flying clamp about 3" inside the frame and then pull tenion on 1LM. The clamp tends to twist in this situation. You could place a little tension on 2RM by hand and place a starting clamp on it outside the frame to help prevent the twisting. Another place to use one is when doing a 2 piece job. To avoid having to use a starting knot you can use a starting clamp on the first cross on the outside of the frame and then come back later and tie a regular tie-off knot. Starting clamps are also needed when doing some ATW patterns. They can be used when prestrecthing strings by hand. Just a few uses that come to mind.....
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