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Originally Posted by racquet_jedi View Post
Help me complete the below statement...

I should not do cardio workouts after __ PM...
Why do you beleive such a statement? I myself used to do cardio at night with no problems in terms of injuries.I feel thats because your more 'warmed up as it were from the day to day activities than say if you started first off the bat in the morning. Though as other have metioned that its their cup of tea so to speak. As for being tired after a days work it depends on the level of work i.e manual work one does, and the type of cardio in relation to that. However i feel that it gives one a good nights sleep when its done at night.

So in the end its horses for courses and if you feel(lazy) that you don't want to do it than say it and be done with it, rather than giving it to us to make an exuse for you for not feel like doing cardio at night.
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