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Default Today I hit with the Wilson T-2000 !

I normally use the PS 6.0 95" but decided to try out the T2000 my brother pulled out of his attic. Remember the headsize is about 70 sq inches.

People on the adjoining courts were staring to see what was shining so much - it has a metallic frame

It hits well, as is certainly not heavy (if you play with a 350 gm racket daily).

I liked the hits on the sweetspot. I was brushing up on the ball just fine. No problems. The 1h backhand was going well too.

The only issue I had was the metallic sound it makes when you hit near the frame.

After about 15 minutes, I shifted back to the Prostaff. The main difference I immediately found was in the solid feel of the PS. The PS felt heavenly - the sound and the feel of the hit.

It was only 15 minutes of play, and no competition but I was certainly not framing the ball, nor did it feel more difficult than a 95". I liked it.

Anyone else have memories of the T2000, or hit with it recently. Would like to hear other experiences.
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