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Default Shoulder Injury

I am 61..been playing many years. I have a severe spin serve out wide... really snap the racket head.
After a match, the next day I could barely raise my arm.. There was much tenderness in the crook of my shoulder..rotator cuff area.. Went to an orthoped.. he did some strength test and X-ray and said he thought it was RC tendonitis since I had strength... Said to take some ibuprofen before I play.. and wait... I said lets get an MRI to see what's going on.

My shoulder hurts when I throw a football or serve... the downward snap in particular..
Not extreme pain but enough to know it is not normal.. Also when I hit a backhand and open up coming through.

Any advice would be appreciated... Also anybody know a good orthoped in the Atlanta Area.. I have been less than happy with the one I go to.

thanks, ken
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