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[QUOTE=Belmonte13;2130242]...WHY!!!! Is there some techno guy out there that can give me a good explanation why racquetball sticks have to be so different.....QUOTE]

It's mostly about power. There is no such thing as thing as being too powerful when it comes to racquetball. As such, the theory is the longer the strings, the more powerfull the racquet. A rball frame is limited to 22 inches in length, so having the strings go thru/around the handle is one way to maximize the length of the mains.

Another issue regarding the design of tennis vs rball frames is the location of the sweet spot. Rball players have to contend with walls, and often do not have the room to make contact with the ball exactly in the center of the stringbed. It is common for better players to take full, offensive and powerful shots at balls that are only 6 inches (or less) from a side wall. Hitting in the center of the frame is just not an option in this situation.

Rball racquets are designed to have the sweet spot located further towards the head. This is one reason why rball frames are generally more teardrop shaped instead of round/oval like tennis frames. Also, you will see more cross strings closer to the head of the frame, to better support the mains from shearing due to the powerful hits that will occur at the top of frame. The "ridicuous patterns" (especially common with the Eforce racquets) are also used to help prevent shearing due to top-of-frame hits. I'll try to explain this (images might be necessary) if anyone's really interested.
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