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safin defitenly uses classic one, just like all the other pros, hewitt still uses srd 90 with new paining job of Rdx-500 after Srd discontinuted Hewitt shift( just the painting job) to Rd ti-50 when he won us open then Mp tour-1 when he won wimbledon and now he swtiched to Rdx-500 Why would he swtich to so many racquets? its gonna mess up their game. Its all about painting job guys...
Also all the prince graphite users still uses orginal graphite with te painting job including ferrero, coria, costa and nalbandian is the only exception because he now signed with yonex and actually using rdx-500 and you can tell it by the racquet cause racquet doesnt have the cross bar anymore which he used to have it with the prince racquet.
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