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Originally Posted by Phil View Post
In the military, this exercise (with push-up included) is called "Eight-count bodybuilders". I did quite a lot of these and my memory of them is not pleasant (though that's not a comment against their effectiveness). I guess they would be excellent to do for any sport, but I wouldn't base an entire fitness regimen on this one exercise as you seem to be doing.
I'm not basing my entire fitness regimen solely off burpees. I do them, and move on to other cardio workouts.

Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
Well, I've been drinking a lot of soda and doing those burpees for several weeks like you recommended, but I haven't seen any fat loss results.
I'm sorry to hear that. But are burpees the only cardio exercise you're doing? Are you lifting weights? And whats your diet plan?
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