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Originally Posted by SW Stringer View Post
The racquet manufacturers make changes every year so they'll have something different to sell. The IGS on the crosses is an extension of the IGS at the throat from a manufacturing viewpoint. It might make the frame a little bit stronger with fewer holes being drilled - but mostly, it's just different.

Oh, I completely understand and appreciate that it's mostly marketing at it's finest, and that some new "technology" must be presented with each season's new frames.

I don't mind the IGS system at the throat of the rball frames. It can be awkward accessing them while the frame is mounted to the machine, but pretty simple if you prestring the mains before mounting. It's not too difficult, considering that all mains will be tensioned at the head. But to put the IGS in for the crosses too didn't make much sense to me - especially from a stringer's standpoint.

From a playability point of view, the IGS models were very well thought of, players loved them. However, they broke...very easily...very frequently.

The 165g model was quickly discontinued due to it's nature to almost self-destruct. The IGS system in the crosses was also discontinued at the same time...just a coincidence? I don't know that the IGS system in the crosses provided for a stronger, more durable frame. More powerful? Perhaps - I can't really comment on that.
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