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Originally Posted by VGP View Post
ClubHoUno - what specs did you order for your Vantages?
I opted for:

100 SQ" frame

16 X 19 string pattern

27" length

70 RA stiffness

320 gram not stringed weight (circa 333-336 gram with strings)

310 mm, 10 points headlight not stringed, which means circa 7 points headlight with strings

Wilson shaped W black leather grip

Clear grommets (I know the red grommets looks great, but I prefer a racket kept in low key clear and black always with white Wilson Pro overgrip and eventually with white Prince Recoil strings for rainy humid weather, where my Babolat Natural gut strings won't work)

It feels great, more power than my 95" K-Factor rackets, but I felt I would try a 16 x 19 string pattern, a bit lighter weight in a 100 SQ" frame but still with a classical frame design.

In my view, the Vantage frame performs great.
I need to try it with Prince Recoil strings soon. Right now I have Luxilon BB ALU Power Spin in the mains and Technifibre X-One Biphase 16 red in the crosses...........I use 60 string savers in my two Vantage rackets in a ZIG ZAG pattern to avoid string movement. I feel like the Biphase moves around a lot. I will preferably use the two Vantage for the rainy humid days, where the ball gets extra heavy and everything is a bit more slow, therefore I opted for a more powerful frame and will NOT use natural gut in this racket - it would probably also be a bit too powerful for me with natural gut in this frame anyway

I have natural gut in the crosses in my 4 K Factor rackets, and this is playing great in this control orientated 95" frame

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