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Spittle, Bronco, etc....glad to hear surgery's not (for some) cruel and unusual punishment.

I've played/quit/treated/pilled/ignored/whined a bad shoulder since the '80s, (hit an overhead off the tip of the racket, behind me, jumping...cold night etc...) back when at the time surgery was basically "cut it all apart and good luck" - so I didn't do it. I'm sure some people's goes away, but mines like an old a result of torn tendons last year in my ankle (had surgery last Fri), got a new MRI done on the shoulder...reads "torn Labrum, superior and anterior, not including bicep tendon....fluid in the sack (bursitis), tendentious (infraspinatus tendon).....once I get past the ankle surgery, I'm sure I'll be in for the shoulder. Sometimes, they don't just go away.

Bronco, keep us posted - your experience is music to my ears....(or sundry other parts). And Spittle, beware as previously said, of the racket...during this whole mess, I'd gotten a cortisone shot in the shoulder - played great for a week with my hot-shot sophomore, using a K6.1 95 the racket, went light to help the shoulder....for my efforts, got a bad elbow, first time in 40 years......lesson there, beware playing our hard game with a light racket - the arm need some heft to the frame, or it's like throwing a tennis ball hard, versus a baseball....and trust me, the worst of my aches and pains is the elbow.
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