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I hope recovery from ankle surgery goes well.

Please keep the boards apprised of your shoulder situation; I think there is a fair amount of interest in individual experiences with shoulder surgery on the boards. It sounds like from the MRI report you are looking at a more extensive shoulder surgery than I had.

For those tracking my progress, I'm now nearly six weeks post arthroscopic SAD/DCR. I've been out to hit 6 or 7 times now; two more sessions planned this week. It has been absolutely wonderful to get back to the comeraderie and competition inherent in the wonderful game of tennis.

I am no longer having discomfort on forehands or volleys. I have been doing slow serving motions without the ball; I anticipate light serving in another week to two weeks. I was discharged from physical therapy earlier this week (9 total sessions) with instructions to add motion (serves/overheads) as my shoulder allows. At this point, the shoulder is strong, I'm simply waiting for the bone to heal. I can already tell I'm going to be able to go all out on serves, overheads and forehands without any fear of pain once I'm completely healed.

I'm targeting to get back to my mixed doubles team for a match on 3/30. I will continue to keep interested posters apprised of my progress on this thread.
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