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Get your stuff straight. I listen to these guys on the radio at work and Chris "Maddog" Russo is a big Fed fan and he's always trying to find ways for Fed to beat Nadal on certain days when he's talking tennis. He actually was outraged at Dwane Wade getting the Sportsman of the year instead of Fed and called up the Sports Illustrated chairman (thereabouts) to complain and question his decision. His answer was pathetic and Maddog was yelling at him saying that Wade only won because he's more popular in the US and with him on the cover it'll sell more copies instead of an unknown tennis player from Switzerland. The average Yank doesn't know who he is and if they know I don't think they'll be compelled to buy the SI issue because of him.

Maddog knew this and stated it to the SI chairman and he gave the "well, he only won 3 grand slams and not all 4 in the same year" excuse. PMac was actually listening to the show on that day and he called in to voice his opinion and agree with the Maddog as well. He felt that the answer the SI chairman gave was a cop out and a really poor excuse for not putting Fed on the cover. I agreed and for once I was rooting for Fed and defending his case. Now, having said all that. Russo is really a baseball & football encyclopedia (ala Bud Collins) and should stick to that on the radio. Which he usually does. But he does know enough about tennis to talk about it on occasion which he also does. At least he's talking tennis occasionally, which is more than any other AM sports radio in the country. So I appreciate that. Even though I know more than him he's fairly competent in his knowledge of the sport.

I am also told that Chris plays at the 4.5 level... not too bad..


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