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Originally Posted by CanadianChic View Post
Haha. I knew you would spot this and perhaps have a little something to offer on the benefits of weight lifting Ricky. What would you do on this forum without my constant attention?
Here's the thing. Static stretching is not recommended prior to lifting weights due to its relaxation of the muscles. Dynamic stretching has been recommended in recent times, but that's sort of an advanced type of stretching that gymnasts and martial artists use. As a trainer, I'd have my clients ride the stationary bike or jump on a treadmill for a few minutes before our training sessions. The warmup prepared the muscles for the rigors of weight training and stretching was done after a quick bike or treadmill which we call the cooldown. In summary: Warm up on the treadmill or stationary bike, lift weights, cool down on the bike or treadmill once again, and finally we stretch.
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