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Where did you hear that? How do you know?

I have always been interested in Mad Dogs tennis abilities. I have a hard time advancing my mediocre game and it always gets me angry to think that a big doofus like Mad Dog can beat me.

Here are a few things I remeber learning about Mad Dog's game:

1) About 2-3 years ago, Mad Dog was going up to Albany and he announced on the air that he'd like to meet a listner inorder get some tennis in. He said something to the effect that he didn't want any rinky-dink 4.0, he wanted a good player who could challenge him. Well, he apparently hit with a 5.0 and got destroyed. The score was something like 6-0, 6-1.

2) During one of their summer shows at the Jersey shore, I believe it was last year, they had Mad Dog's tennis instructor on for a few minutes. Mike was asking the coach questions to try and determine how good of a player Mad Dog is. The coach said that Mad Dog's 2hbh is his best shot and that he needs work on the forehand side. The coach said that Mad Dog is a Northeast 4.0; he would be rated lower in FL or CA.

3) Tennis Nj saw him play. He said he stinks and is a 3.5 at best.

4) In a New Yorker (or is it New York magazine) article profiling Mike and the Mad Dog the author mentioned that Russo had been suspended from his racquet club. Mad Dog was near the end of a close match when his court time expired and another member tried to kick them off b/c he had reserved the time. Mad Dog through a fit.

So, I doubt he's a 4.5. On the other hand, he is in good shape for his age and does have a lot of free time (his show runs from 1-6:30). Plus he is rich (apparently he earns 1.5 million+/year) and therefore he has access to courts (indoor and outdoor), coaching, and equipment. So he might be nearing the 4.5 level. That would really tick me off b/c that would mean he could beat me.
I doubt he's a 4.5. He doesn't look like an athlete and I heard also that his instructor said his forehand is weak. I have a friend, mid 40's and good shape who has money (dentist) and he always tells people he's a 4.5 and he's a 3.0 at best since I destroy the guy every time and so do the girls in our neighborhood. I don't get the feeling that Maddog would beat a 4.5, let alone most 4.0's. I would love however to get a piece of Maddog on a court. Then after the beatdown tell him his SF Giants suck and constantly remind him of that stupid 49-3 Super Bowl prediction of the Patriots beating the NY Giants.

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