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Originally Posted by blubber View Post
I think Mad Dog might be a decent athlete. He's about 6' and he's definetly in pretty good shape for his age (almost 50). He's an avid runner. He can run a 10k in sub 8 min/mile. He's a decent golfer, they showed some of his shots on tv and he looks ok. Pus I heard he's starting to hit the weights with the express purspose of improving his tennis game.

I hate to think about it, but maybe, just mabe he is a 4.5.

He's got fire and energy. So he can get himself pumped up on the court.

Plus he's got some sweet footwork.
So he's got fire. Here in NY we call them Tank and Fruitloops. I don't think he's all that atheltic looking to be honest. Yeah he's thin but he doesn't look like he could punch his way out of a paper bag. He looks like Santoro to me, junk baller.
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