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Originally Posted by hyogen View Post
Ok, I'm in........just paid for a PT 280 (made in austria) in 8.5/10 condition... small chip at 12oclock -_-

I can't wait to get it! I wonder if it will be even better feeling than my classic tour. I was really loving hitting that nice popping noise when I hit the sweet spot today. Definitely a confidence booster

My prediction is that...I'll be able to serve better with it than the larger 660 size classic tour... and I'll have even better plow through than my classic tour.

If my prediction is right... i might have to buy 1 more -_-
Be interested to see how you fare with such a low power frame. For me (around a 4.0), though the control element was amazing and you've got that unique lush feeling, despite putting in the hours and application, TBH it was too demanding for me... and the no. 1 area where this was most quickly apparent was in the serve dept. Good luck though.
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