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Originally Posted by nickb View Post
Nice guide J...really impressive...

There is just 1 thing I disagree with...I dont think multis hold tension better than syn guts at all...I find them much worse (they also go mushy fast).

Originally Posted by YULitle View Post
You are right. Multis fundamentally do not hold tension better than synthetic guts.
I have found it to be both ways, depending on brand and string, as well as how tight you string it.

Lots of middling string breakers complain of multis going mushy, but I think they hang in there better than syn gut over time (resting time more than hitting time)

Really to me it is a personal preferance thing and you have to experiment.

To me personally, most syn guts generally are smoked in 15-20 mins, while multis play ok for a bit longer. And I feel hold tension better in the bag, so I gave them the edge.

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