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Originally Posted by stormholloway View Post
I didn't realize both guys didn't need passes. I thought everyone who played needed a pass, i.e. you can't bring a guest. I hope I've been wrong.
The other posters who have been saying that not every player needs a pass or permit are incorrect. To play on NYC courts during the season from April - November, EVERYONE needs a pass or a permit. So splitting the cost for a permit is not really practical if you want to play in Manhattan. Plus the permit has your picture on it, so I would think that the two people splitting would have to look somewhat alike.

Now, there are probably plenty of courts in the 5 boroughs where they don't enforce this rule, but I know that Central Park, Lower East Side, and Riverside Park at 96th & 119th street, definitely do enforce this, having played at all those courts many times. Some of the people working at these places can be like ****s about checking for permits or passes.

The only park in Manhattan where you can buy a single-play pass is Central Park. But you cannot buy a permit there. For permits, you have to go to either P a r a g o n Sports or the Central Park Armory on 5th Avenue. You can also buy single-play passes at those two places too. For boroughs outside of Manhattan, you can go to to see a list of places.

At 96th & Riverside, they do not sell single play passes (as one poster stated), but they will just take $7 if you don't have a pass.

Finally, there is also a public park at 145th street and Riverside Drive. This is the Riverbank State Park. This park does NOT take NYC city permits or passes because it's run by the State of NY (as opposed to the City of NY). There, they have four courts and they charge an hourly fee. Unfortunately, I forget what the fee is, but it's really cheap.

If any one has any more questions about playing tennis at the public courts in NYC, feel free to ask. It took me years to figure it out.

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