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Originally Posted by f1 tech View Post
Make sure you put ice after each session of tennis.
And please use sufficient amounts of ice when you do. A 10-gallon (or is it 15?) trash bag filled "loosely" with real ice and wrapped all around the shoulder is better than the cheesy pre-manufactured "cold paks" IMO.

Originally Posted by Spittle View Post
It seems that the muscles in the front of my arm (pecs, front of right shoulder, above shoulder) are overdeveloped in comparison with the girly muscles around my shoulder blade....

So, I am doing various exercises to strengthen the muscles that surround my right shoulder blade at the moment. I've only been doing it for a few days now, but I *think* I can already sense a difference as to where my shoulder rests. I'll be doing 2 weeks of this type of exercise and then progressing to more weight, I assume. I'm told it will still be several weeks before my symptoms start to disappear.
Very interesting. Many years ago it was actually my CMT (massage therapist) who noticed my similar problem. Her test was simple.

She had me stand "comfortably" before a full length mirror. Notice where your hands hang in relation to your torso. (They should hang at your sides.) Mine hung by my front pockets ... more in front of me than beside me.)

Doing this makes you very self-conscious (and finds you "making" your arms hang right) so she'd have do a squat in front of the mirror with my hands hanging limply ... and stand up. Wow! My hands would be at my pockets again.

More attention to the Rotator Cuff exercises and Lats and Rowing weight training ... AND ... conscientious attention to my posture at all times ... and about six months later the poor posture / arm hang seemed to be fixed.

Can anyone recommend a good cold/ice shoulder wrap?
See the top of this post of mine.

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