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Originally Posted by Spittle View Post
It seems that the muscles in the front of my arm (pecs, front of right shoulder, above shoulder) are overdeveloped in comparison with the girly muscles around my shoulder blade. This problem is causing my entire scapula (the shoulder blade and the boney 'roof' above your shoulder - will call the roof 'upper scapula' from now on) to pivot forward since the rear muscles aren't able to compensate properly for the pull that the front ones have on it. This pivoting is forcing the forward edge of the upper scapula to dip closer to the humerus (upper arm bone) and squeezing the tendons that slide inbetween the two.

So, I am doing various exercises to strengthen the muscles that surround my right shoulder blade at the moment. I've only been doing it for a few days now, but I *think* I can already sense a difference as to where my shoulder rests. I'll be doing 2 weeks of this type of exercise and then progressing to more weight, I assume. I'm told it will still be several weeks before my symptoms start to disappear.

I certainly hope these doctors are on the right track with me. After my first bout of PT, I'm a bit skeptical that MORE of it will do me any good. But, I'm willing to give it the old college try! Thanks again for all the great tips and recommendations from those on the board.

I did have one quick question: Can anyone recommend a good cold/ice shoulder wrap? I'm looking for something that will totally surround the shoulder with icy goodness for after exercises and, eventually, tennis. Thanks!
Very common problem. Be sure that you go to a different PT this time because your last one was almost criminal to have missed that.
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