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PCMD, those Nike Global Sphere Tops are in the Liquidation section of the TW website, BUT, unfortunately the price is still the same at $35.00. I totally didn't expect these to stay the same price, plus I figured that they may get a few more of each color and size to have a little more of a variety. And they still may but I probably doubt it. I also noticed that there are still some of the Nike sponsored guys are still wearing this shirt (James Blake, Mardy Fish), so they probably still think they can get full price for them. I wanted to get another Black and another White, but unfortuantely I wear a Large in these shirts and in the White they only have XL. Black, on the other hand I am straight. It's just a matter of either waiting til they go down another $10 or until I have an extra $35 to throw down. But I just wanted you to know that there are a few new things in the Liquidation section including that shirt. Hopefully it will go down a little more in the next week or so. I would like another Black one so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed. Later
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