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First, you try to get your understanding straight about the difference between facts and opinions. I expressed an opinion that the interviewer is a ******bag. It is a fact that he harped on Fed's losses in the interview.

This has absolutely nothing to do with whether he is a Fed fan or not. He might very well be a Fed fan. I just think he doesn't understand the game, it is as simple as that. That is nothing to be bothered about. I think Peter Bodo doesn't understand the game either, but that is just my unimportant view of things.
I agree they're both pretentious, pompous, windbags but Maddog does like tennis and he talks about it enough that he has fair knowledge of the sport. But he wouldn't put down Fed, he loves the guy. He's always trying to explain game plans to beat Nadal, but he has tons of respect for Nadal too. I do think they're full of themselves and are extremely dismissive to their callers. If a caller makes a good point they'll say "I can't disagree" or "that's not a bad point". Uh, how about it was a great point and you wish you thought of it first?

As for Peter Bodo he's severely overrated and being paid for being "knowledgeable" about the sport of tennis. I think some people here should be in his position and get paid instead of him. Really, I don't think I like any tennis writers to be honest. I think I learned what I know just from simply watching the game enough. If Doug Adler, Robbie Koenig and Jason Goodall wrote articles I would read them for sure. But I'm lucky to hear them commentate instead.

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